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Jitendra Kumar Prajapati

I am happy after consulting Mungale hospital. Dr. Sachin Mungale and Dr. Meeta Mungale are really nice in their profession. Their advice is really good. They give proper time to the patients. All the staff are nice and helping. They take care of patients very well, specially in case of child.

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Rahi Shah

Most Accurate eye checkup in vadodara.. Dedicated Eye Care Hospital..with highly skillfull Eye Surgeon..

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Sonal Mung

Dr. Sachin Mungale and Dr. Meeta mungale live by the essence and spirit of Medical profession. Both of them ensure right medical advise is provided to the patients in the interest of patient’s well being. Apart from this, they demonstrate great empathy and are extremely inclusive towards their patients. Great to witness the commitment towards medical care by these two doctors.

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Dharmpal Charan

My father shambhudan charan treatment in mungle eye hospital from 3 year my father eye problem day by day clear and sir Sachin Mugle and madam meeta mungle very kind nature and coordinat with patient ! Best eye hospital in Vadodara !!

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Gohil Brijrajsinh

Treatment is very good, i am satisfied and my eye is happy now ️😊😊😊

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Patel Tirth

Very wonderful service provide by Meeta Ma’am as well as by their staff member.
Moreover they all are very kind in nature and give perfect suggestions.
Apart from this very hygienic place.

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Riten P

Highly recommended Hospital for Eyes and doctors has tremendous amount of experience who provides professional services. I had my LASIK from this place and having 20/20 visions after operation.

Satisfied with vision and thank you to Dr. Meeta Mungale for providing genuine and expertise opinion before and after surgery. No hidden risks all pros and cons well explains to patient before taking any surgical operation. Not behind money!
Best doctor for Eyes!!!!

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Leonil Fernandes

I have got my laser eye surgery done through Dr. Meeta. It was a successful one and the doctor guided very efficiently before and after the surgery. She did explain each and everything regarding the surgery. The doctor and the staff of Mungale Eye Hospital were very supportive and helpful. Thank you so much Dr. Meeta Mungale and the team.

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Amit Ghosal

The Hospital is run by 2 very talented doctors. They are very candid in their approach and extremely professional. They give a lot of time and very thorough with their investigation.
I have been visiting them for my son for the last 3 years & I am absolutely satisfied with their line of treatment knowing that it was not an easy case to deal with.

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Rufus Pathre

Very good ,neat and clean clinic . Doctor is very good to patient to explain him in detail about the case . they treat patient very well and staff is very polite. With my permission they have kept my pics of red eyes on website which they cured and completely given me satisfactory treatment

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Frequently Ask Questions

To schedule an Appointment at Mungale Eye Hospital, you will need to call on 0265-6580311 or 0265-2430101 between 9am to 6.30 pm on week days.
The hospital is closed on Sundays.

Visit the Mungale Eye Hospital to obtain copy of your Medical Records.

The eye needs light in order to work, but too much bright sunlight may be associated with damage to the retina (age related macular degeneration). It is sensible therefore always to wear a hat/cap with a brim or dark glasses when out in bright light.

The most important environmental factor associated with eye disease is smoking – smoking is bad for retinas. Yet another reason to give up the habit!

Diet is also important – dark green leafy vegetables (spinach, kale, and broccoli) contain micronutrients that are important for the health of the retina. A balanced diet is sensible for all sorts of reasons.

Vitamin and mineral supplements in the form of pills or powders have a limited role in protecting the eyes in someone eating a balanced diet. There are some forms of age related macular degeneration that can be helped by these pills – consult your doctor if in doubt. Remember that too many supplements can also be harmful so always only take the recommended dosage.

Cornea, the main focusing part , is the clear front surface of the eye. Like a window, it allows light to enter the eye. Vision could be markedly reduced or lost if the cornea becomes cloudy or scarred. This condition is known as corneal blindness.

Injuries to the eye, birth defects, malnutrition, infections, chemical burns, congenital disorders and complications of eye surgery.

  • Eye donors could be of any age group or sex.
  • People who use spectacles, diabetics, patients with high blood pressure, asthma patients and those without communicable diseases can donate eyes.

Persons with AIDS, Hepatitis B and C, Rabies, Septicaemia, Acute leukemia (Blood cancer), Tetanus, Cholera, and infectious diseases like Meningitis and Encephalitis cannot donate eyes.

The eye bank is a nonprofit organization and obtains, medically evaluates and distributes eyes which are donated by humanitarian citizens for use in cornea transplants, scleral reconstruction, research and education. To ensure patient safety the donated eyes and the donor’s medical history are evaluated by the eye bank staff in accordance with the Eye Bank association of America’s (EBAA) strict medical standards.

The most important action you can take is to tell your family and legal representative. Most states now require that families be offered the option of donation when a loved one dies. Families may give consent for donation. It is most helpful if they know how you feel in advance. A donor card can serve as an indication to your family, your legal representative and hospitals of your intention to be an eye donor.

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